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Créole Taste

Meet the Chef: MERCIE JULIEN

Mercie Julien was born in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti and moved to the Americas as a teen. Despite moving to the USA at a young age, Mercie's Haitian cultural roots still remained embedded. She graduated from college with a degree in travel and tourism back in the 90s. After the internet took over that industry, Mercie started seeking a new career venture. She went back to school and earned her beautician degree, then later returned to school for nursing and started working in the medical industry at HVDDSO and Camp Venture for the past 27 years. 


Mercie always had a passion for cooking. She was always asked to cater dinners, parties, personal dishes, and all client dinners at work. To feed this passion, Mercie completed baking and cake-decorating classes to start a cake-baking business. Due to COVID-19, many events were canceled and Mercie was put on furlough from work. During that time many people started asking Mercie to cater their "Quarantine-Dinners/Parties". 


One morning, Mercie walked into her daughter's bedroom and stated that she wanted to open a catering business and wanted to name it "Créole Taste!"


The rest is history.

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When's your party?

We are located in New York, USA!

Contact us with your party description, party size, menu idea, and we'll help you get the party started.

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"Mercie manjew yo telman bon. Kounya mwem pap fe manje pou fet anko. You made my life easy. Tout moun ki te gute crab sa ap felisitew. Ou gen 10/dwet epi ou se you kodron ble. Mesi pou bon manje yo."


"Thank you, your food is so good. Now I won't cook for you again. You made my life easy. Everyone who tasted this crab will congratulate you. You have 10 fingers and you are a blue cod. Thank you for the good food."


Contact Me

CREOLETASTE3492@GMAIL.COM / TEL: 845.499.9116

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Ma's Pikliz

Pickled Spicy Cabbage (Spicy Coleslaw)

Pikliz (pronounced "pick-lees") is a spicy condiment in Haitian cuisine of pickled cabbage, carrots, bell peppers and Scotch bonnet peppers. It is often seasoned with garlic and onion and pickled in white vinegar. The spicy dish is traditionally served with meats and fried food along with other dishes to enhance the flavor.  

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